Football Game Shoot

I would imagine that the best place to get the sharpest photos during a football game would be taken on the actual field. Unless you’re a hired sport photographer, the odds of standing on the playing field is nil. The next best thing would be to sit on the bleachers as close as possible. But what if you’re like me, and you find yourself sitting 36 stairs up?

I tacked a 75-300mm lens onto my Canon Rebel T5, set the automatic setting to ‘sport’ and let the continuous shooting take over. (Gosh! I love technology). Please note this is my first sport photo shoot experience with my new equipment. I kept my camera focused on the football as it moved across the playing field. I kept my finger pressed down on the shutter as the teams made their play. I’m rather pleased with the results, especially for my first time out. I would anticipate me getting better as my sport attendances increase over time.

Other than some clipping and slight enhancement, photos are as they were taken. I may be in love with technology but I am not a fan of computer graphics. I like my photos to express exactly what I see, even if too quick for the human eye. Click on any photo to enlarge image and/or start slideshow.

What do you think?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

This weeks challenge: show photos that depict the word ‘careful’ to you. Careful